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jeudi, octobre 26, 2006

Cyberposium 12 - Harvard Business School Technology Conference & Start-Up Fair

Dear Entrepreneurs,

We would like to invite you to Harvard Business School’s annual
technology conference Cyberposium which is coming up on 11/11. If you
are located on the West Coast you may also be interested in our sister
conference Cyberwest also to be held on 11/11.

This year the conference has a great lineup of speakers including
Marissa Mayer, VP, Google; Ed Colligan, President and CEO, Palm; and
Carl Bass, President and CEO, Autodesk. It also has an entrepreneurship
fair featuring dynamic startups.

Our theme this year is “Need directions? Mapping future technology” and
some of our panels include Web 2.0, Mobile Devices, Business Models for
Telecom, Privacy and Security in the future and Financing Technology.
For the non-tech folks, it has great speakers on panels such as
HealthCare, Energy and Space. For those focused on digital media, some
of this year’s media oriented speakers will come from companies such as
Google, CNET, Sony among others.

Please see the attachment for more information on speakers and panels.
For more information and to register, please visit

For our Start-Up Fair we also have a few spots left. If you are
interested in showcasing your emerging technology at Cyberposium please
contact Bryan Langley (

Best regards,

Fabian Seelbach
Co-Chair Cyberposim 12
MBA Class of 2007
Harvard Business School

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